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The audiology department at ENT Surgical Associates (ENTSA) is an autonomous group within an ENT surgical practice. Typical day to day tasks are performing diagnostic audiological evaluations. Hearing aid evaluations. Hearing aid fittings. Tinnitus evaluations and counseling. Tinnitus diagnostics and treatment and electroacoustic measures. Collaborative experience at other locations may be available on request. You will be assigned administrative time to complete reports and catch up on paperwork. You will learn to interface with manufacturers to process orders, repairs and track inventory. You will gain experience in learning the different types of insurances and benefits patients may or may not have.

You will have a minimum of bi-monthly one on one meetings with your supervisor. More if needed or requested. We have collaborative audiology staff meetings every 30-60 days. Lastly, ENTSA is investigating starting a group aural rehabilitation program, candidates interested in creating an aural rehabilitation program with the full support of our organization are encouraged to apply.